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About Talcher

Talcher is one of the leading cities and also happens to be one of the four subdivisions of Angul District. This city and entire subdivision itself assumes immense economic importance, not just for economy of Odisha state alone but also for Indian economy. Besides, the city has a glorious history to tell to this world. Come lets explore the glorious history, burgeoning economy and many other important features like transportation, tourism, utility services etc. about this city of Odisha.

About Talcher
Talcher Palace

History of Talcher

At the heart of Talcher glorious history lies Talcher state or kingdom. This powerful kingdom of yesteryears was founded by Rajput King Narahari Singh around 15th century. The popular story goes that quarrelsome relationship with his brothers had forced Narahari Singh to take pilgrimage to holy city of Puri – to seek inspiration from Lord. And as it turned out this pilgrimage didn’t go in vain. Because while returning from pilgrimage Narahari Singh got much needed divine inspiration during his brief halt at the bank of famous Brahmani river, where he eventually laid the foundation for Talcher kingdom. After going through many trails and tribulation during its initial years, Talcher kingdom by end of 16th century had become a force in Eastern India. It ruled most of the present day Angul District for almost 3 centuries. During their centuries old rule many exotic architectural monuments were constructed and significant growth in the areas of culture and economy was also witnessed. The downfall of Talcher Empire gradual began after British Empire’s expansion began to take pace. Eventually by the turn of 20th century the entire Talcher kingdom was reduced into a mere princely or feudatory state. But by that time this kingdom with virtue of its kingdom had completely entrenched its name in the history.

Geography of Talcher

Talcher city is located right on the bank of famous Brahmani River. From geographical point of view though, it is located on 20°57'North longitude and 85°13'East longitude. Speaking about other important geographical virtues like climate, then over all climate of Talcher is pretty hot and dry. Average temperature during summer season goes beyond 40 degree Celsius, while during winter season it can dip till 10 degree Celsius. The city also receives pretty decent rainfall during monsoon season.

Economy of Talcher

Economy of TalcherWe’d made amply clear in introductory paragraph that how critical Talcher is for entire economy of India. Well, the reason for this is that Talcher boosts of sufficient reserves of coal in the entire country. And it is thanks to them that today Talcher assumes such an important role in country’s economy. Because everyday hundreds & thousands of tones of coal are dispatched from Talcher to various power stations located in home state Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka and other parts of India. Besides humongous coal reserves has also helped in bringing huge industrial plants, many of which are operating for many decades and today are one of the important pillars of Talcher’s economy. These plants are namely as follows: NALCO aluminum plant, NTPC thermal power plant, Fertilizer Corporation of India plant and Talcher Thermal Power Station (now operated by NTPC LTD).

Administration in Talcher

Talcher city is one of the only two cities of Angul District that is governed by municipal council or municipality, the other being Angul city. Talcher municipality’s civic jurisdiction is obviously only limited to Talcher city. It has total 21 wards. Its responsibilities are same as that of other municipalities operating in rest of India. That is to look after water supply management, sanitation management, supervising healthcare services, looking after street light etc. District Collectorate or Magistrate is another very important local administrator for any region. They wield immense administrative powers and therefore have bearing on almost all the important local administrative decisions. Besides, Talcher city also has one Vidhan Sabha constituency. Below is contact information’s of all these important local administrators and few other that have not been mentioned above.

Sri Sachin Ramachandra Jadhav – District Collectorate: 06764-230567
Shri Braja Kishore Pradhan – MLA: 7873200005
Shri Hrusikesh Sahoo – Executive Officer Talcher Municipality: 06764-230782, 9861030302
Deputy Director of Mines (Talcher)
- Sushanta Kumar Nayak: 06760-240240
Sub Treasury Office Talcher: A. K. Pani: 06760-240271

Transport in Talcher

Transportation services in Talcher are just about decent enough. And this too solely because of auto rickshaws, as it is they who are taking entire burden of local transportation. However, their burden ought to be reduced by increasing their numbers. This, needless to say, will improve the efficiency of local transportation. And by all means this is the most viable option, as going by current scenario starting full fledged bus service or cab service seems highly impractical.

Profile of Talcher
Talcher Railway Station

As for connectivity is concerned, then Talcher doesn’t have one but many railway stations located in its proximity, which has invariably ensured its connectivity to many of the important cities of India. There are total 4 Railway Stations, out of which one is located in the heart of Talcher city and other located within the range of 10 kms. The one which is located in the heart of city is Talcher Road, while Talcher Thermal Railway Station (located 2 kms away), Talcher Station (located 6 kms away), Burhapanka station (located 7 kms away) and Angul Railway Station (located 10 kms away).

Tourist Places in Talcher

Two immensely famous tourist destinations are located in the very heart of Talcher city. Both of them are immensely famous amongst locals as well visiting tourists. Brief information about both these tourist spots have been given below.

Talcher Palace: This exotic looking palace is probably the last surviving monument of the erstwhile Talcher Kingdom. Its grand architecture aptly symbolizes the glorious era of Talcher kingdom. But before completely getting overwhelmed by its grandeur, one must not miss imposing wheel-shaped stone structure that lies right above the main entrance. Because this wheel-shaped stone is main highlight of this palace.

Rengali Dam: This is one of the most important dams of Odisha state. Mainly because water reservoir formed by this dam is second largest water reservoir in entire Odisha state. This fact is enough to tell us how big this dam must be, which is exactly why this dam is so much worth visiting – especially by those who love experiencing anything closer to natures.

Healthcare Services in Talcher

Introduction of TalcherIn Talcher healthcare services are pretty decently efficient, but there does exist huge room for improvement in almost all the areas of healthcare services. Starting with hospitals, then there are quite a few good hospitals in the town, including the ones that are being operated by many mining companies. When we say ‘good hospitals’, we obviously mean that their medical infrastructures are far, far better than other existing hospitals. Furthermore, these good hospitals are being very well complimented in their roles by huge number of chemist shops and clinics. The good presence of these two basic healthcare services is sure sign that Talcher’s healthcare services is indeed heading towards right direction. Lastly, today pathological labs and diagnostic centers are also present in quite a few numbers in the city.

Nehru Shatabdi Central Hospital
Address: Talcher Road, Near State Bank of India, Dera, Talcher- 759103
Phone no: (6760) 269184, (6760) 269185-6

Lingaraj Township Dispensary
Lingaraj Township , MCL Lingaraj Area , Talcher
Talcher, Odisha

Central Hospital,(MCL HOSPITAL)
Talcher, Odisha

Utility Services in Talcher

In above few paragraphs we made it amply clear that Talcher city is one of the leading cities of Angul District. Distance between these two cities is hardly 12 to 15 kms. Owing to all these facts many important utility services in Talcher city are operating pretty efficiently. Below is brief information about many of the important utility services. Like all the cities and towns of India, police stations have been placed in all the important locations of Talcher city as well. And these police stations do have a very challenging job in hand. Because safeguarding economically important city like Talcher city is indeed an herculean task.

Utility Services in Talcher
Utility Services in Talcher

Talcher Police Station: (06760) 240236
N.T.P.C. Police Station: 6760-243547
Colliery Police Station: 06760-240278
Vikrampur Police Station: 06760-260036
S.D.P.O Talcher: (06760) 240657

Banks in Talcher

Well, an economically important and industrially leading city like Talcher ought to have many banks. And it certainly does have. Below are addresses of some of the leading banks. None of these banks need any introduction at all. They are recognized leaders in Indian banking sector and today people of Talcher city feel indeed privileged to enjoy their services.

Punjab National Bank
Address: Handidhua Chhak, Talcher
Pincode : 759100
Phone : 067- 60241335 -
Email : bo6764@pnb.co.in
IFSC Code: PUNB0676400

State Bank of India
Address: Hatatota, Dist-Angul, Orissa
Phone no: 06760 240224
IFSC code: SBIN0000192

Address: Hotel Shakti International, Handidhua Chhak
Phone no (6760) 240939 (6760) 240339 (6760) 24043900

Address: P.o. - hatatota, near kali Mandir, Angul, Talcher – 759100
IFSC code: HDFC0001816

Petrol Pumps in Talcher

Today there are pretty decent number of petrol pumps and gas agencies in Talcher, who are fully ensuring that this city never have to face any petrol and LPG gas crisis. And by all means this city has never ever faced any such crisis and in all likelihood it won’t face in future either – all thanks to decent presence of petrol pumps and gas agencies.

MAA Tarini Filling Station
Address: Brajanathpur, Talcher Town, Angul – 759107
Phone no: +(91)-6760-276300

MAA Hingula Filling Station
Address: Talcher Town, Vill-Talcher, Angul – 759107
Phone no: +(91)-9437291878

Sriram Auto Mobiles
Address: Talcher Town, Vill-Talcher Angul – 759107
Phone no: +(91)-9861105809

Pradhan Gas Service.
Address: Shop No-10, Dera Market, Dera Colliery, Talcher HO, Talcher - 759100
Phone no: +(91)-6760-241134

Important Facts and Figures on Talcher

Country: India
State: Odisha
District: Angul
Time zone: IST (UTC5:30)
Population: 40,841 – 2011 census
Time Zone: IST (UTC5:30)
Pin code: 759100
STD code: 06760

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